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My Take on Macon County Commission Meetings

NOTE: The Macon County Commission will meet next on July 13, 2020, the 2nd Monday of the month. The county work session begins at 5pm just before the general session at 6 PM.

PLEASE KNOW, state law allows only 10 people in the annex at one time.

Therefore, I will again not be permitted Fbook Live stream both the work and general sessions for your safety and convenience. I got fired. I now have been fired from two voluntary positions because I think and act as myself not some elected public servant's agenda.

Hopefully, the county will continue their streaming after the county opens for business. If so, their actions will be another example of open government as a result of me; web site, agenda, minutes, and documents posted on-line, employee recognition program, movement of the former 10 am work sessions to the evening are directly as a result of my determination.

The county has opened OUR government but so much remains to be done. Why is the county budget not on OUR county website?

Countdown to the Macon County Commission business meeting 8June at 5 PM in the Annex in Tuskegee across from the court house parking lot.

For about a decade, Macon County citizens have been informed of what is going on in OUR county government primarily from this web site. OUR county's website began its on-line presence in January 2017, after years of citizen demands for an on-line presence. The county commission prior to and after publishing OUR website lacks a Facebook presence.

On recently has the county been posting notification of meeting and meeting minutes on OUR county website due to a greater citizen push back.

County work sessions are the second Monday of each month at 5:00 P.M. in the Annex immediately followed by the County Commission general session at 6:00 p.m. 8 times a year. Each county district has one meeting per year in their immediate area to facilitate greater local participation. During these district meeting the work session is not conducted and the general meeting remains at 6 PM..

County Commissioners and other county elected officials at County Meetings:

Commission mailing address: 101 E. Rosa Parks Ave., Tuskegee, AL 36083

Chairman Louis Maxwell 334-724-2555, "King,"

District 1 Commissioner Miles Robinson, "Open Records Squad Leader,", 334-202-6885

District 2 Commissioner Ed (Coach) Huffman, - email appears to have not yet been set up, 334-421-2015

District 3 Commissioner Andrew (Drew) Thompson, "clean-up",, - email appears to have not yet been set up, 334-300-4871

District 4 Commissioner Robert (Mike) Berry,, - email appears to have not been set up, 334-703-5795

Iverson Gandy, Jr - Revenue Commissioner,, 334-724-2603

Alfonza Menefee - Probate Judge, Tag & Title office 334.724.2552, Probate Judge 334.724.2611, District Judge 334-727-6110, Parole & Probation 334-724-2620, Juvenile Probation 334.724.2609, Extension 334.727.0340, District Attorney 334.724.2623

Andre Brunson - Sheriff

County employees frequently at county meetings:

Ms. Gertrude Benjamin - Personnel Clerk

Ms. Susan Thomas - County Administrator

Mr. J.D. Smith - County Engineer, 334-724-2619,

Mr. Brian Ware - Compliance Officer, 334-724-2554

Ms. Bridgett Gray - County attorney

Mr. Frank Lee - Director, Emergency Management Agency

Ms. Erika Collins - Chairman's administrative assistant

Ms. Harris - RSVP Director

Definitions of terms and agencies:

Table - issue is dead until revived by the same commissioner who tabled it.

AVENU Insights & Analytics, LLC, formerly RDS - Revenue Discovery Service, state office is in Birmingham

The county is posting at times the meeting agenda before the meeting. The minutes, agenda, and reports of the county meetings are now on OUR website at after years of nagging them. However, the minutes are from their perspective, these notes, which take a lot of time, are from a concerned citizen.

Monday, 13Apr2020, Macon County Commission work session at 5 PM and work session at 6 PM in the Annex
The county is complying with state rules in that only 10 or less persons are allowed in the annex at one time. I was asked to stream the meetings for the safety and well being of the county. Mike Berry has again refused the hand held microphone.