The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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Second Amendment Rights

More Recent breaking news: between 4 and 13 March of 2013 received nearly 16,000 responses from police professionals destroying the administration's portrayal of the need for gun control.

Here's a statistic shared with me by a high school buddy and retired Major USMC I know you will find interesting and not surprising. "The United States is 34d in murders throughput the World! But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C. and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom for murders. Believe it or not, these 4 cities also ahve the toughest gun control laws in the United States." Someone with amendment to the email pointed out that all of these cities are under Democrat leadership.

Breaking News: Beretta, the oldest active firearms manufacturer in the world, announced the company will leave Maryland after leaving behind $31 million in taxes, 400 employees, and being a prominent player in the local economy as a result of newly minted strict state gun laws.

Something to think about: If you don't have to give up American Indians your car because others drive drunk with theirs ... then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?

Secondly. Make no mistake, my rifle is not an "assault weapon," it will never be used to assault anyone, unless my Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness are threatened.

Governor Bentley speaks with Allied Women and defends his pro Second Amendment position and state's rights.

Contrary to what those in Washington, Chicago, or California say about our rights watch this brief video of what Australia looks like with the raise in violent crime since taking citizens' rifles and destroying them.

HB8: Sponsored by Representative Jones

SYNOPSIS: Article I, Section 26 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, provides that every citizen has a
right to bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state.

This proposed amendment would provide that every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms and that any restriction on this right would be subject to strict scrutiny.

This proposed amendment would also provide that a citizen cannot be compelled by international
treaty or law from taking actions that prohibit, limit, or otherwise interfere with the fundamental right to bear arms.


HB12: Sponsored by Representative Ford - appears to be a companion bill of SB24.


HB42: Sponsored by Representative Nordgren - concerning transportation of pistols to and from firing ranges.

HB55: Sponsored by Representative Greeson -

SB24: Sponsored by Senators Bedford, Keahey, and Singleton.

SYNOPSIS: This bill would prohibit a business entity, property owner or legal possessor, or public or private employer from establishing policies against persons transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition when the person is otherwise in compliance with all other applicable laws under certain conditions.

This bill would authorize certain persons who are injured or who incur damages as a result of a violation of the act to file a civil action for damages, including an award of attorney's fees.

This bill would authorize a person who is denied the opportunity to transport or store a firearm or ammunition to file a civil action to enjoin any business entity, property owner or legal possessor, or public or private employer from violating the act.

This bill would also provide for reinstatement of employment and compensation of benefits and restoration of seniority rights for employees discharged for transporting or storing a firearm or ammunition when the person is otherwise in compliance with all other applicable laws.

This bill would provide limited immunity to a business entity, property owner or legal possessor, or public or private employer for damages, injuries, or death resulting from another person's actions involving a firearm or ammunition transported or stored pursuant to the act.


SB43 Alabama Firearms Freedom Act. Sponsored by Senator Allen, Ward, Waggoner, Smith and Fielding

SYNOPSIS: This bill would exempt from federal regulation under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained within the borders of Alabama.

This bill would also exclude certain firearms and ammunition from this act.


SB286 "shall carry" sponsored by Senators Beason, Bedford, Sanford, Marsh, Holley, Glover, McGill, Allen, Reed, Whatley, Taylor and Holtzclaw.


Ron Hei provides clarification of deliberate misinformation.

Brandon Moseley writes of the bi-partisan agreement on SB286 and support from NRA while the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) strongly opposing it. Senator Bedford is speaking loud and clear about the need for its passage.

C.S.P.O.A. reports a steady number of sheriffs saying "NO" to Obama Gun Control - Hoping the other 64 Alabama Sheriffs will also stand for our rights as they have sworn to honor and defend our Constitution. For those of you living in these counties ensure you thank your Sheriff for doing what is not only right but constitutional. 5 out of the 67 Alabama sheriffs with their comments.

Sheriff Andy Hughes - Houston County "As Sheriff of Houston County it is my job to protect the constitutional rights of our citizens. The second amendment is a right, not a privilege and shall not be infringed upon. As long as I am Sheriff of Houston County, I will not allow anyone to seize any firearms from law abiding citizens within this county." from