The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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Macon County Veterans

2015 Macon County Veterans Day Meet, Greet, and Feast

Many more veterans and guests showed this year for the second annual Horace James and serving line Meet Great and Feast 2015 Macon County Veterans Day Meet, Greet, and Feast festivities hosted by USN-retired Navy Cook Horace James, and USA-retired Nurse Jean Keel. I always enjoy the camraderia of my fellow veterans who sacrificed so much - some to this day with visible and invisible injuries - for our county.

2014 Macon County Veterans Day Meet, Greet, and Feast

My wife and I as veterans enjoyed meeting other veterans in Macon County on 2014 Veterans Day, the day recognizing our service from across central Alabama. Dorothea and I having served in the Hospital Corps are always happy to sit down with another Corpsman or nurse who too have served in uniform. And for me meeting a Marine is top shelf, which I did. He served with 2nd Force Recon.

The event was hosted by Jean Keel of Russell County and Horace James of Montgomery. Both upon retirement from the Army and Navy respectively, continue to serve their brothern and sisters in arms who are less fortunate and without a home or in need of someone to speak with or assistance.

Below are a sampling of pictures taken during the event. To best see the image scroll over and click the mouse to enlarge the thumbnail image. To download an image, place your cursor over the image, right click the mouse, and choose "save as."

veterans group veterans veterans Jean and me veterans Horace James veterans veterans
serving line Dorothea and Jean serving line serving line serving line veterans veterans veterans veterans

2014 Macon County Veterans Parade and Ceremony - Nov 14, 2014