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National Health Care Reform?

The Price of Obamacare's Broken Promises, Young Adults and Middle Class Families Set to Endure Higher Premiums and Unaffordable Coverage. Prepared by House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Majority Staff; Senate Committee on Finance, Minority Staff; and Senate Committee on Health, Educatin, Labor & Pensions, Minority Staff in March 2013.

No Ms. Pelosi, I am not a Nazi for expressing my views as provided by our Constitution. I am a retired service member who considers your comments, once again, way out of line and deserving of an apology. Can't stand the heat - resign. There are many other things I would prefer doing instead of writing this page but I will not be stepped on or taken for granted.

If there are so many of us opposing this type of governmental involvement in our lives then why is Congress and the President ignoring the massive public screams for proper research, opportunity for us to be heard, and debate? Ya gotta wonder. Being called a Nazi and accused of being "planted" for my Tea Party participation, asked to snoop and rat on my friends and family for their comments about Congress's Health Care bill is the Administration's acts of desperation. No one has offered me $500 a month to attend any of my Tea Parties as the proponents are now secretly doing.

I will simply state that yes, the current system is in need of fixing but not trashing. The Alabama State Legislature has a Resolution before them during this Special Session of '09 asking our Congressional members to demand that the fraud and waste within Medicare and Medicaid be eliminated before spending another nickel on debate or attempting to shove the bill down our throats. Your Alabama State Legislator would like to hear from you about your position on this issue.

I would like to see all citizens with access to health care and financial security for retirement - to appreciate the benefits or entitlements we must be responsible for our actions. However, to accomplish this, those not willing to work and save must not be rewarded to continue their life style and not caring that their health care and financial security will be provided by working families through tax increases. Cut some of the benefits to those young people who choose to sit on the same front porch day in and day out playing cards and see how fast they seek to become a working member of the community while paying taxes and not requiring total governmental subsistence.

19Nov09 Update. Gary Palmer, president of the Alabama Policy Institute (API), has summarized what H.R. 3590 is all about and not about.

21Nov09 Update. The Senate has narrowly approved to move H.R. 3590 a step closer to the President's desk for signature, with only the needed 60 votes. One fence sitter, Senator Mary Landrieu (D) senator Landrieu cartoon Louisiana, received $300 million for her vote. A bribe of tax dollars from Senator Reid. Sickening isn't it? Among all of the lies and misinformation from the Administration and Congress about this bill there lies an interesting note. This bill's "measure number" is H.R. 3590 (Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009). Yep, that is correct. No reference or mention of health care as well for its title. Just goes to show what $300 million and what lengths and underhanded tricks our elected officials have in their bags. Is this bill a pill or suppository? Either one will hurt. See how your Senators voted on H.R. 3590.

1Jan10 Update If what has come out of the Senate recently was such a great deal then why were these obligations with OUR tax dollars used to buy votes necessary? This has been adapted from

So what is next? Most likely the House Democrats will roll over and agree to the Harry Reid's plan. Doing as Congressional rules state a committee from both sides of the isle develop a compromise between Ms. Nancy and Harry's plans and the Congress vote on the new bill. Having locked out the Republicans in both houses during the entire health care mess, bribing Dems for their votes in lieu of open discussion and debate, why permit the Republicans to introduce any of their ideas or plans now. Therefore, the House Democrats will look to support their Senate brothern and the Administration while thumbing those noses at what the voters do not want - this health care "reform."

Humorous yet very concerning

Obama's health care plan will be

What could possibly go wrong?

author unknown


Post Brown of MA Senate Victory

11Feb2010. Using these 10 suggestions by the National Center for Policy Analysis "...the chronically ill along with their doctors, employers and insurers - should find lower-cost, higher-quality, more-accessible care in their economic self-interest" as our congressmen begin the overdue bipartisan debate on how to fine tune and correct the faults of our current healthcare delivery system.