The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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Why is Macon County Financially Broke

“The problem is not that people are taxed too little,” Ronald Reagan continued, “the problem is that government spends too much.” 

November 17, 2021 Addition. Chairman Louis Maxwell is a major component of the problem. He willfully neglects to follow his directions and fudiciary duties for the best use of our tax dollars by purchasing fuel on the economy - that we pay for. Not to mention the possibility of accured points from what appears to be his favorite chain, Shell. Oh, to the truth, fuel from the county tanks have been withdrawn in his name during these 31 months.

On a continued note, Macon County is on financially weak ground because of the lack of businesses finding our county suitable and viable for their location and the lack of good stewardship of our tax dollars. It is easier for the commission and elected officials to say "We need, we need, and therefore we shall take," in lieu of making the tough and correct choices.

The Macon County Commission, The Tuskegee News March 19, 2015, has agreed to ask our state legislators, Senator Billy Beasley and Representative Warren, for more - as upwards to a million/year - in tax revenue per year.

Considering major international businesses are readily located and contributing to the local economy in our neighboring counties so why not Macon County? The Macon County Economic Development Board is doing a good job in attracting businesses to Tuskegee. However, I cant help but wonder if our heavily littered streets have an impact on business owners not wanting their family members and themselves driving our filthy streets to and from work and school.

The closure of VictoryLand and loss of over 2,000 local jobs was a major blow to our economy, schools, and charties. However, we are still paying taxes, a business license fee schedule put on the books a couple of years back is pulling in all sorts of cash, and the state has cost shared upwards to 80% for most of the extensive road and bridge repairs, so then why do we always hear and see evidence of Macon County being financially stressed?

There are several reasons contributing to lack of adequate money to do what is necessary for our children and community. As my research expands I will place my narratives below. Therefore, this page is an on-going project to demonstrate just how our tax dollars are being used for the biggest bang, if it exists.