The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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Dorothea and I

Having grown up on Long Island and Dorothea in Cincinnati, Ohio it has been a learning curve to manage our active farm, yet we are doing better as each year goes by.

In 1991, Frank Dillman, Chief Hospital Corpsman USN dorothea-handgun-safety-certificateRetired, and Dorothea Dillman moved from Orange City, Florida to our present home and farm in Notasulga, Alabama. We enjoyed traveling about the world compliments of the US Navy however it is nice to have our own permanent home.

Upon moving to Notasulga we quickly found the fun of raising both goats and their guardian dogs, Great Pyrenees. We had two sales of pine trees to open some pasture. The majority of the acreage has been replanted with pine trees.

dorothea-campaigningIn March 1997 my parents moved onto the farm in a home they purchased. My mother loved the picture post card scenery her new home provided. She especially loved to watch the goats and dogs in the pasture from her kitchen window and front porch us kids built. In dad's spare time he began planting his roses, Rose of Sharons, and beautiful irises. Unfortunately, my loving mother passed away after a long term illness in less than two years of moving here. Shortly after mom's passing dad moved to the Masonic Home in Utica, New York for a few years. He then moved out to Texas to be near John. Dad is now rejoined with mom, having passed away in June 2005. They both are missed dearly.

After working at Auburn University for 11 years I am managing the farm and lovin' every minute of it....

No more Golden Arches for me

I wonder when McDonalds will be broadening their diversity program to include similar sites and efforts for Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, and Whites? Apple-polishing - you be the judge. For me and my family, I have eaten my last McDonalds meal!

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