The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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The Association of County Commissioners of Alabama
not "We the People" friendly



This page is dedicated to showing the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama favors its members over every citizen, "We the People," to a degree that should give all of us serious concern.

The Association County Commissioners of Alabama, (ACCA) was founded in 1929, and has refined their lobbying efforts to become one of Alabama's powerful lobby organizations in the state.

Their website shows organized meetings, classes, legilslative committee (one from each county), everthing a successful organization must do, and their annual convention "at the beach," Frank Dillman of Macon County likes to say..

In reality our tax dollars are availed to the Association via county membership fees to lobby lawmakers for more of our tax dollars. (PLACE COUNTY COSTS AND ANY BALANCE SHEET OR SPONSORS.) Look at the current fuel tax discussion. The Association is in favor of the tax, as they were when they initiatiated the "Amazon" tax. (MAYBE DELETE OR REWORD: Their minons following the lead of their leader to speak with their and other legislators to take money or rights from us thereby engrouging state and county governments.)

This association is not our friend, period, end of discussion. Their website reads "Each year, the Association represents the interest of county government before the Alabama Legislature, seeking to ensure that Alabama laws are written in a manner that is the most favorable to county governments statewide." Their intent as with any union or association is to take care of its members, damn the taxpayers.

The county-paid members receive legal and policy adivce and "outside legal counsel in cases that will have a dramtic impact on couties throughout the state," such as my complaint naming my county commissioners and chairman and the commission as a unit being represented by an ACCA retained attorney.

Our rights are demishing, not increasing with the guiding hand of the ACCA. Perfect example of removing our rights to greater participation in our county government resulted with Amendment 4 of xxx. Since xxx number of counties offered their citizens a right to vote for the Self-Governance Act, which permitted the counties greater access to governing themselves. The Act also provided what could be referred to as Initiative and Referendum (I&R). Initiative = rights of citizens to collect petitions to place county ordinances on the county ballot. Referendum = is the citizen right to ratify or reject county ordinances.

Regrettably legislative referendum Amendment 4 was ratified by voters, thereby removing the right similar to I&R at the county level. There are very few changes from Self-Goverance Act and Amendement 4 except for taking away our rights, few knew of.

Looking at their web site, 9 of their first 16 items, which appears to not be in alaphbetical order, are empowering government. When government grows, citizens lose.

A simple glance at an older page from their website sez it all.


I admit the ACCA and its affliates have some strong points for the state of Alabama such as

District map district directors and Each county is represented on the Legislative Committee, who is your commissioner?

Reaching deep, affiliates 2021 plan Want to know salaries - though some are listed lower than actually are. Some are minimally set by code but in reality salary could be much higher

2019 partners?

No more thanks to the continued efforts of the ACCA to grow governments at our expense.

Why shouldn't we have the right to hold our commissioners fully accountable? Simply because of the powerful lobbyist, ACCA wants it so. More on admendment 4 and the Self-Governance Act below.

Do know, most, not if all, of your commissioners and chairman belong to this association. Additionally know, we as tax payers pay all or most of their membership dues from our taken taxes.

History of the association..................

The association not only supports or initiates movement for more taxes, including surrounding the state discussion of an increase of up-to 12-cent, has encouraged commissioner across the state to initiate their own fuel tax. The association has a tracking mechanism for "Danger Bills" and those they and their affiliate associations support

The on-line sales tax was initiated from within the association and I wouldn't be suprised so did the current discussion into the state fuel tax increase.



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