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Alabama Legislative Session 2020

Find current status of bills. Are they in a committee, a public hearing, floor vote, to governor?

Senate bills

SB57 int Senator Cam Ward's Open Records Act, my copy. This bill is with the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and is tentatively scheduled for a public hearing on Tuesday, 25Feb. I placed the bill here so you may read it. However, after fighting my commission for over 5 years for public records I find this bill everything I could ever want for transparency, defined times, fines, forms, reporting, and a new office as an advocacy office for citizens being bent over by their state and local governments. If you appreciate greater transparency of government to include access to public records then please ask for support of SB57 from all GA committee members, especially if your senator is listed as committee member. The HOUSE and SENATE legislators with a "Y" in the left margin have already demonstrated their demand for transparency by voting favorably to strengthen OUR Open Meetings Act in 2015, definitely they earned your thanks and a reach out for support of SB57. Then contact those new members asking for support.

SB70-int Senator Cam Ward's Ballot Access, my copy. On 12Feb2020 the bill received a favorable vote from the Senate GA committee.

SB142-int Senator Chris Elliott, "No Taxation Without Representation Act" concerning rolling back police jurisdictions to corporate limits, my copy. First filed in 2019. Currently in the GA committee.

SB144-int Senator Jones, removal of tax on food with offset of revenue provided by the removal of caps on Federal Income Tax credits on state income taxes. Might be a revenue stream as tried by Senator Dial a few years back.

SB165-int Senator Tim Melson, Medical Cannabis, program established to allow use of for certain conditions, defense against prosecution for marijuana possession established. An excellent Alabama grass rooted resource, RAMP.


House bills

HB1 int Rep Pebblin Warren VictoryLand

HB120-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - asset forfeitures

HB121-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - budgeted educational funds should not be used for lobbying bills

HB124-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - outlaw automated red light and speeding enforcement

HB126-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - outlaw bullying of current health care facilities to keep competition out of the area

HB130-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - eliminating state business privilege (extortion) fees

HB131-int Rep Andrew Sorrell -I have spoken in opposition to how OUR state revenue stream would increase by the elimination of the tax on food - but I admit to not having read the bills, simply their summaries.

HB132-int Rep Andrew Sorrell - may also be interesting - corporate giveaways cost the taxpayers lots of money.