The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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2019 Legislative Bills you might find interesting if not worth supporting or objecting to

Special session 2019, Rebuild Alabama Act, is requiring its own page. Read bills HB1, HB2, and HB3, my comments, other approved comments, and voting records as these three House bills work their way to the Governor.

Here is some facts you may dazzle your co-workers at lunch today.

House bills sponsored and co-sponsored TOTALING 148 bills by 6 representatives: Laura Hall (D) 23, John Rogers (D) 35, Ronald Johnson (R) 22, Merkia Coleman-Evans (D) 32, William Poole (R) 17, Pebblin Warren (D) 16.

Senate bills sponsored and co-sponsored by 6 senators equaling 188 bills: Arthur Orr (R) 31, Robert Ward (30), Thomas Whatley (R) 35, J. T. Waggoner (R) 30, Gerald Allen (R) 36, William Beasley (D) 26.
A few of these bills are necessary, however a sure sign of our state government's growth during one-yet unfinished session; a total of 336 sponsored and co-sponsored by these 12 legislators.

NOTE, between 1999 and 2000 the nation saw 10,000 new laws yet only 32 new laws from the people via Initiative and Referendum. So do not accept from anyone that laws from the people viat I&R will drown the state, that title is worn by the lawmakers.