The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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Our Grandchildren

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This page is dedicated to our loving grandchildren, Skyler, Kyauna, Connor, Franklin, and Amelia. Always remember it doesn't matter how far away you may be, or what you may be doing, we are thinking of you, love you all and one of these days you'll come knocking on our door. Or send us an email as our email link is on our home page. Never forget that we want to hug you and that we love you very much.
We love all of you, Dear and PopPop.

  franklin posing   Casper the cat Connor laughing
  connor basketball Skyler graduation from Air National Guard Bootcamp connor playing basketball Kyauna Volleyball star 2012
  princess and poppop Amelia - my Sparkles - looking pretty connor and amelia sleeping franklin up close and personal
little frank in snow 09   connor basketball game grand kids with Connor's pumpkin he grew Amelia checking out a Christmas tree ornament