The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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A stroll about our farm

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We will be happy to pre-pick our tasty blueberries and blackberries for you if you email me and place your order telling me how many quarts you would like and the day you want them. Most of our pickings are done in the mornings so if you stop by in the afternoon they'll have been picked that day. You can see some of our harvest in the second picture of the second row.

string beans bourbon red turkeys two large eggs in a dozen snow fall March 2009 rooster crowing farm animals
grandchildren and klondike blueberries skyler and white grapes yep it snows in Alabama black rooster pepper harvest
a new butterfly chicken playing in snow of 2009 broccoli heads snow fall of March 2009 sweet peppers mommy chicken with three day old chicks
goat and her kid bourbon red hen with 9 little three day old babies rutabagas blackberries carrots kids playing on pile of blocks
chicken w 2 day old babies one of many this size from my blackberry vines beautiful and threatening clouds on 23Mar2013 beautiful way to start the day