The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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My Legal Complaint Naming each Macon County Commissioner Individually and the Commission body for Violation of the Alabama Open Records Act

I Deserve to Know.

For public knowledge, here is my law suit naming each Macon County Commissioner, Chairman, and the commission as a body for their involvement in the commission violating the Alabama Open Records Act.

Collectively, there are about a dozen unfilled Open Records Requests of mine, including one nearly four years of age of verbal requests, letters to the chair and commissioners, my legislators, and public requests to the chair and commision asking for the street addresses where the chairman has used one of two a county-issued fuel cards.

I have been denied a copy of the FY2018 and FY2019 budget working documents and the approved budget since September 2017 to date.

I fault the AG, State Auditor, and Ethics Commission for lack of their interest into this matter. Why must I, as a citizen, spend so far $13K of my retirement challenging a county in violation of law?

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can easily question why these documents have not been released to the public.

However, defensively circling the wagons was course of action.

Furthermore, In the course of their legal effect to write a county open records policy, the county unanimously approved to "hold" open records requests until their policy was written, with no sunset; 6 hours, 6 days, or until Frank Dillman gives up?

Though their "hold" action was rescinded two weeks later, the fact remains, "suspending" state law is reserved by the Legislative, Article 1 Section 21.