The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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District 4, including Notasulga and Franklin area residents, our storm shelters are on Lori Lane just west of Liberty City Gas on Hwy 14 AND at Franklin Town Hall, respectively. Visit them before an emergency! more
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Non-advertised and verbally announced Macon County Commission meetings

Not in the spirit of Open Meetings Law if not illegal
Paper announced Unannounced Verbally Announced
  16Nov2016 29Nov2016:10 a.m.
12Dec2017   19Dec2016:10 a.m.
  9Jan2017 30Jan2017:10 a.m.
13Feb2017   21Feb2017: 10 a.m.
    28Feb2017: 9 a.m.
10Apr2017   21Apr2017: 9 a.m.
12Jun2017 30Jun2017 - emgncy  
10Jul2017   25Jul2017: 10 a.m.
14Aug2017   18Aug2017: 10 a.m.