The Dillmans of Notasulga, Alabama

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I sure would enjoy receiving a hello from any Grunion. I promise to write back. I fought like hell to avoid Great Lakes and the Grunion helped make Great Lakes my favorite duty station, hands down. So drop me a line......and lets stay in touch.

The Great Lakes Naval Training Center Grunion Road Running Club was formed by then Commander Bob Esquire and several nurses, Amy Suggs (now Rosacker) being one, for the purpose of friendship and fitness. Amy gave me my first Grunion singlet. We encouraged runners of all ages, military affiliation - yep even an Army retiree, Clyde Downs, to participate in our training runs to Ravina and many road races. We shared in many great pasta dinners in the "Q" for special occasions, friendship, and just because we could eat like we did!

Bob and "Red Car" led many caravans to road races in Zion and other surrounding communities including Chicago, Milwaukee, Duluth, and Twin Cities. Bob planned and handled it all for us; special flights to Pensacola, Grunion water stops and support personnel for our longer races, team composition, photographers, medical advice, writing articles for the base newspaper. Bob is the "King Grunion" and friend to all he met. grunion in duluth for grandmas marathon

Among the many team and individual awards won by Grunion within the mid west, and we had a bundle of awards at the NTC Athletic Department at one time, by far the one I am most proud of is the 1984 Blue Angel Marathon Military Team Championship. We ran against some highly selected military teams. The Gold team was assisted during the race by our other teams and team support from our own water stops on bicycles that Bob managed to get on the military plane out of Glenview. What Bob could not do!

Our spirit and comrade was never ending. Upon Captain Esquire's transfer Krissa Bonebrake (now Krissa Drentlaw) accepted the helm and carried our tradition and responsibilities forward. After I transferred from Great Lakes Krissa arranged for me to catch a hop from Norfolk to Glenview for our annual gurdge race against the Army of Fort Sheridan. As luck would have it Bernie Mangalindan was also on the flight which made the flight a lot more enjoyable.

Thank you Bob Esquire and Krissa Drentlaw!

Now some two decades later Bill McKiernan suggested a reunion. Krissa quickly accepted the challenge. Those in attendance had a great time and we talked about ours (and yours) Great Lakes racing days as well as our fun runs.

There was some rekindled discussion of a cruise being our next reunion. So lets stay in touch. If you know of a GRUNION not listed below or your address has changed please do your best to keep this list growing and current - notify me. If you do not mind sharing your email or snail mail address with others I'll handle that chore too: I'll do this off line unless you would like me to provide an email link for you. We are still looking for Dennis Hartman, Tim Smith, Ginger Springer, Karen Doyle, Tom Howe, Dante Flogio, Monty Brothers, Tom Howe, Terry Oldfield, John Parks, Tony Burkhart, Woody Wentworth, Dwight Severn, Rod Catabay, Donald Sieloff, Chaplain Burchell, Bill Fisher and many others.

Grunion I have an Address
Lori Anger (Becker) snailmail
Nick Bottis email
Monty Brothers no
Chaplain Francis P. Burchell, Jr. no
Tony Burkhart no
Rod Catabay no
George Clark snailmail?
Rick Corbin  
Frank Dillman
Clyde Downs snailmail
Karen Doyle no
Krissa Drentlaw (Bonebrake) email
Bob and Stacy Esquire snailmail
Bill Fisher no
Dante Flogio no
Paul Grasso snailmail
Nathan Krawitz
Julie Lohse (Harlacher) no
Paul Harlacher
passed away
Dennis Hartman no
Linda Hernandez email
Tom Howe no
Herb Kallusch still traveling somewhere
Mike Holland  
Bob and Patty Kelly snailmail
John Kotsubka passed away
Bernie Mangalinden no
Bill McKiernan email
Diane Miller snailmail
Doug Nunnally
Terry Oldfield no
Carlos email
John Parks no
Glenn Robinson email
Amy Rosacker (Suggs) snailmail
Mike Stoll
Troy Ruppert email
Andre Santos Northern AZ VAH
Dwight Severn snailmail
Donald Sieloff no
Tim Smith no
Ginger Springer A friend and GLakes training partner, passed away 24Oct2016!/Obituary
Mike Stoll no
Dan Szmania email
Bill Volkman no
Woody Wenworth no