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My costs for public records

After years of obtaining Macon County public records and sharing them with you, the county commission has decided how best to curtail my sharing these documents with you is by charging me for the documents. It has been my belief for years, an informed community is a more cohesive and stable community, not forgetting more citizen involvement toward a higher socioeconomic status.

Therefore, I oppose and will resist Macon County Commission attempts and deeds to hide from the public.

First of all, I believe in user fees. You use the state park, a state toll bridge, purchase a hunting and fishing license, pay for documents as I did to the school board, or a conceled carry permit you pay the fees, not someone choosing not to participate in the activity.

The county is in compliance with state law by implementing their Open Records Policy.

My objection is the singling out citizens using one source of county public records as compared to the only other source of county records. The reimbursement to the county for research and assembling processes and cost per page by the county commision office is specific. However, by the written poliicy, the Engineer is permitted to handle his requests as he so chooses, which is a clear example of making it more difficult or impossible for citizens to read budgets, county manuals, and other county documents, which are often not available outside the court house. I might add many are linked at the bottom of this webpage for your convenience.

If I had not gone through the hassle of writing letters, obtaining the documents, and sharing on my websites and Facebook pages, most citizens would not have a clue of the "Ultimate Gold Watch," "The Great Give Away," the $5,200/month payment for 5 years for 6 leased 2017 vehicles, the community corrections program (did you know of the county receiving 60 to 80 prisoners?), their trips to THEIR association meeting, and the county being caught in a state audit being forced to repay $1.25 Million to the Capital Improvement.

Therefore this page will be dedicated to documents and my related fees, while those requesting plats, etc from the Engineer are not required to pay a nickel for research, assembly of the documents, and copying.

My feees
Cnty personal to ACCA Conference